Even though the purpose of a vibrator cannot even be placed in the same category as a “serious discussion”, there are some worries that surround them. Everyone should remember that vibrators are there for sexual pleasure, nothing more. However, some fears have developed and most of them are unnecessary to say the least. Nevertheless, it’s only natural that some concern can surface, seeing as vibrators are probably too good to be true. It’s time to put those doubts to sleep and continue benefiting from the glorious experience vibrators provide.

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Myth No. 1: Vibrators are reserved for singles

This is simply not the case. In fact, more married women own vibrators. More specifically, married women who own a vibrator doubles the amount of singles that own them. In addition to this fact, they also testify to an increased level of libido and sexual satisfaction. This doesn’t mean that they replace their husbands with a vibrator. On the contrary, they become much more sexually active and this includes activity with their partners. As for the myth that vibrators are excluded to singles, it will stay a myth because the facts say otherwise.

Myth No. 2: Men in general find vibrators intimidating

For the most part this conclusion if false. Recent studies have shown that at least 70% of men like the fact that their wives and girlfriends use vibrators. These findings interlink nicely with the facts regarding the first myth. Women are achieving orgasms much quicker and for many guys this a turn on. Guys like visual stimulation and using a vibrator can get them very excited. The one thing guys know very well is that nothing can truly replace the human flesh and all a vibrator can do is produce an orgasm. Kissing, touching, body heat, all these elements are missing. Some guys actually say that their experience is more intense when a vibrator is involved.

Myth No. 3: Using a vibrator can become addictive

The people who made up this myth obviously don’t know what an addiction is. An addiction means that a person cannot function normally until they get a fix. Has anybody seen a woman go into emotional distress because she couldn’t use her vibrator? Until now no such reports have been made and this myth is probably based on the signs of nymphomania. The latter is a disorder that is directly connected with sex, not a vibrator.

Myth No. 4: A bigger vibrator means more pleasure

There is no evidence to show that this is the case. Many women hardly ever think about penetration when it comes to a vibrator. They prefer a toy that can give maximum stimulation on the outside and testimonies have been made that the smaller vibrators do a great job. In the end it’s a matter of personal taste. Some women will focus on the size, but this doesn’t mean more pleasure is going to be gained. A comparison is being made between a real penis and a vibrator, which isn’t realistic at all.

Myth No. 5: Using a vibrator constantly can damage nerve endings and cause numbness

This is yet another false belief. About 3% of women report that when they use a vibrator they experience numbness. First of all, the effects are temporary and secondly, it’s a natural reaction from the clit to say the session is too long. The same thing happens when your leg goes numb, because you sit in the same position for too long. The truth of the matter is that vibrators do not cause any nerve damage, even if used over long periods.

Myth No. 6: A man is doing something wrong if his partner uses a vibrator

Like mentioned before, nothing can replace real human interaction, so the man isn’t doing anything wrong. A vibrator was designed to merely enhance the experience, just like every other sex toy on the market. Just because it’s a popular gadget doesn’t mean it can actually replace a human being.


There are many rumors that float around and it’s never a good idea to put any faith in them. There is a tiny possibility that guys can feel intimidated, but that is why communication should always be open in a healthy sexual relationship. Ultimately a vibrator is a helpful tool and it’s helping many people across the world.

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