Traditional Thai massage is a therapeutic technique used for treatment of back pain,shoulder pain stiff neck and for relieving stress and tension in both muscle and tendon.It draws significant influence from Ayurvedic traditional medicines,Ayurvedic medicine is a holistic type of healing that plays a vital role in practice of Hinduism and Theravada Buddhism.This type of massage is known as the most comprehensive type of therapy due to its lasting impressions that are more like those of yoga.Thai traditional massage is performed through your clothes and leaves you in a state of sublime relaxation.It combines both modern scientific knowledge of anatomy and physiology with traditional oriental medicine.

bray massage
Unlike other types of massage therapies,traditional thai massage focuses on circulation and pressure points thereby promoting internal health and muscular flexibility.Treatment generally begins with the feet and then gradually moves upwards towards the upper body parts.To ensure that the masseur performs a variety of exercises,the body is divided into four positions namely:face-down,side,face up and sitting position.A number of gental techniques are also carried out on the floor using either the feet,palm,elbow forearms or the thumbs.Rhythmic compressions such as rolling of limbs and gentle rocking are also employed so as to relax and realign body energies.Further balancing of body’s energy is achieved through the use Ayurvedic principle by applying varying amount of pressure along energy lines or Sen.

Forearms ,elbows,feet and knees are used to execute certain strokes as well as manipulations and the entire experience quite physical for both parties.Because of its emphasis on deep breathing, joint release and body work,thai traditional massage is considered as comparable to yoga.Thai traditional massage acts as external stimulant hence producing specific internal effects within the body.As a result,it frees energy from obstruction and also preserves health and harmony.There are numerous benefits of having regular traditional thai massage,these include alleviation of both physical and emotional tension,release and relaxation of muscles thereby promoting flexibility,Muscolo-skeletal realignment,improves blood circulation reliefs constipation,headaches, and neck pain.

Traditional thai massage is vital for good health since it helps to correct both emotional and physical problems.The cost of treatment of this type of massage often depends on where you live and the time taken.However, the prices ranges between 35 to 120 Euros.A considerable amount of privacy is also allotted in most places offering this type of massage hence making ideal solution for individuals who are not quite up to the challenges of yoga.Not to mention, traditional Thai massage also produces similar somatic results to that of yoga and also create a more intimate experience

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